My name is Ariel Sheen and this website functions as an online portfolio of my academic, creative and marketing work as well as a collection of academic resources, reflections on research for my novel, interviews with artists and people that generally interest me, and miscellaneous other content.

By academic training I’m a professor of American History and Political Science, and a teacher of English, Speech and Debate, and IB Psychology and History. I’m also certified as a bioenergetic therapist and life coach.

Additionally I have extensive experience in digital, social media and content marketing. You can review my resume on LinkedIn and, if you’re serious about contracting me for a project, email me a request for my portfolio.

I’m also a writer. You can buy the first part of my serial novel Unravelling here. You can buy my first collection of poetry here. You can ready my blog and book reviews on this website.

Lastly I love to travel. Here you can find some historical audio guided tours that I’ve made for some of the cities that I’ve lived in: New York and Barcelona. I also, occasionally, write reviews for TripAdvisor.