Plugs for former Profs!

Maia Ramnath, my former professor, NYU thesis advisor and author of Haj to Utopia: How the Ghadar Movement Charted Global Radicalism and Attempted to Overthrow the British Empire has recently had her second book Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India’s Liberation Struggle (Anarchist Interventions) published by AK Press. I wish I could say more, but I won’t be reviewing books until I’m back in the United States.

Another former professor of mine that has his book going through the academic reading circuit to generate publication buzz for it right now is Slavoj Žižek’s
Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism. A friend of mine that has already read it and is also a Hegelian scholar has reviewed it positively. Though it is not on sale right now, you can pre-order from Amazon for a significant discount.