Writing Therapy Exercise for Small Group

Trigger-Response Reflective Writing Prompt for Group


Print-out with Shakespearian and Petrarchan sonnets


5 minutes: Introducing myself and then meeting the group.
10 minutes: Explaining sonnet form, reading examples.
5 minutes: Discussing anxiety triggers for negative coping mechanisms and behaviors (maybe longer depending on how far along the group is in their understanding of these issues).
20ish minutes: Time allotted for group to write, I circulate and assist as required.
20 minutes: Group share of works produced and discussion.

Non-rhyme form of the sonnet:

First quatrain: Description of the anxiety trigger.
Second Quatrain: The previous response to it/why it’s specious.
Third Quatrain: The good response/why it’s beneficial.
Final Couplet: An empowering slogan.