10 Killer Workout Mixes to Turn Up Your Heartbeat Vol. 1

When lifting heavy, HIITing or even just doing bodyweight exercises, I love to listen to music with fast rhythms to help me keep my flow going. Here’s a couple of hour-long mixes that I like to work out to as it keeps my energy level turned up even when I can start to feel the fatigue kick in.

Diplo & Friends: Clockwork

Major Lazer Workout Mix

Diplo & Friends: RL Grime

RL Grime – Happy Halloween Mixtape

Diplo & Friends: Diplo

DJ Romeo Reyes – TrapStep2.0

Flosstradamus – B⚠nned 2

Bird Peterson – Drankenstein Vol 5

Bird Peterson – Drankenstein Vol 3

David Guetta – DJ Mix #169