On the Book Cover for Medellin Sonnet Mixtape

While I spent a lot of time on deciding a book cover for Unraveling, the process for what would front Medellin Sonnet Mixtape was much easier. How so? Simple, I asked my muse what sort of image she’d most prefer for the cover and without skipping a beat she said: “Quiero que sea una foto desnuda de mí, pero al estilo de una pintura al óleo”. I then asked her what sort of oil painting style she wanted to go with and here’s what she chose.

What I’d like is to have a normal photo (taken with an iPhone camera) altered into something like one of these along with appropriately stylized title text, author attribution and a small description:

Medellin Sonnet Mixtape by Ariel Sheen

20 poems in English and Spanish

That’s it! If you can do this, I’ll send you the photo reference images of her for use in making it.

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