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Fun fact: I compulsively visit used books stores whenever I’m in a foreign country.

The guiding idea behind Songs for a Goddess – Sonnets From the Sheets and Streets of Medellín (o Canciones para una Diosa – Sonetos Para una Diosa: Sonetos de las Sábanas y las Calles de Medellín) was to create a combine Trap latino and Dirty South rap/OVOXO lyrical content with sonnet structure.

Despite being separated by hundreds of years and miles – not to mention different class audiences – the two forms of artistic expression nonetheless have a number of similar themes.

Both praise of beauty; are concerned with the fleetingness of life and the importance for action; are concerned with infatuation and sexual passion; and express a mix of spiritual and sexual desire.

Were all of these lyrical texts combined one would have a description of similar to Lilith, or her modern incarnation in rap music – the bad bitch.

Lilith, the OG Bad Bitch 

Lilith (1892) by John Collier.
Si ella morena, se vería como mi musa.

A Jewish folk character, Lilith is a seductive and dangerous feminine spirit. Said by some to be able to possess women by entering their consciousness through mirrors. Others tell tales of how she enraptures men with her beauty to their economic or spiritual detriment. She is siren-like, but deadly in another way.

If it is seems a stretch to connect this to modern urban music, do a search via the Talmudically styled rap lyric repository Genius for bad bitches and see that the descriptions of such women’s behavior and appearance falls totally in line with Lilith. Packs of them exist in the tales told over 160 beats. Many of these sweet mamacitas that no speaka english are sung into existence to provide content matter for boasts, for odes, for expressions of hopes, for oaths, for all of the many urges of men that stem from their relations with women.

Additionally bolstering the connection with Lilith is the prevalence of songs directed to women, rather than just being about them. Twista’s Overnight Celebrity is the first of many examples of this that comes to mind. Here Twista offers  media exposure and fame in exchange for sexual favors, something now making more headlines in the wake of the #MeToo movements. Unleashing Lilith in life is thus appealing to the vanity of women in text, song, film or other artistic the mirror-like reflection of the world. The object motivates behavior, stimulates desire, helps Dan get his Serena.

Lastly, considering the subjects in my collection, it’s worth pointing out the tendency  to describe such woman in terms of their not speaking English. For example, see the works of Juicy J, Yung Simmie, Future, Kent Jones, and Big Sean.

Songs: Music or Magic?

I think it fair to say that if one were to combine all of the seductive or bragging literary and musical artistic works, I think it’s fair to say you’d have curated the foundation for a holy text of sorts – the creative’s lyrical id view of women, The Book of Lilith. Much like the personality of God which emerges from those that ascribe divine inspiration to their respective literary texts, from it we’d see the many sides of desire, despair, dejection, spite and the many other encounters inevitable with an archetypical character. Like her father, a book could be made about her and a religion formed on it. This work is in part an collection of the wide swathe of those emotional potentials.

Those readers of mine that listen Trap latino and what I’d claim is it’s gringo counterpart – Dirty South rap/OVOXO  book will notice allusions to and lyrical engagements with them. It’s part of the genre, just like back when minnesingers courted butchers daughters alongside verdant riverbanks filled with barques at half-mast near castles bustling with the commerce, production, planning, etc.

Those that have only dipped their ears into the genre might scoff, but they’d be making a mistake. Trap music is in a twisted way a modern iteration of the old work song. Certain essential human desires for form are, seemingly, timeless.

Last one scoff at the glamorization of what some consider anti-social behavior first consider it’s popularity. Trap latino and Dirty South/OVOXO artists are killing it in number of YouTube views. I need rely solely on numbers to justify something, but it is compelling.

Second, in all reality Dirty South rap/OVOXO  aren’t given the props they deserve for skills in composing lyrical braggadocio and romantic conquest narratives. I think that is because those that are familiar with the poetry, songs and cultural norms of, say,  Cervantes’ Spain – wherein creatives would sing seductive songs under the windows of the women they hoped to give tip to and songs of conquest in the bars filled with thirsty guys in hopes of getting tips from – often don’t listen to trap latino and Dirty South rap/OVOXO so thus can’t draw that connection like I can for my readers. Well, now you know!

Back to me.

Please note that these aren’t just “trap” songs in poetry format. I include a number of my own personality into the poems as well. Because let’s be honest, there is a lot that’s awful out there. Having absorbed so much really, I know.

As such, I now want to highlight some excerpts that ought be praised for their word play. Then, because this article’s really about me, I’ll give you some samples of the poems.

Let’s go.

So of course one lyricist that’s always killing in, Lil Wayne. Here’s a wonderful couplet from She Will – a song best played while watching a girl shake her ass fast while on grass while you throw cash at her. At least that’s what I’d say given the content of the video.

“I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine
Eat her til she cry, call that wine and dine”


Drake‘s songs also typically have compelling romantic/sexy lyrics along these lines. Here’s two lines from Own It.

“Next time we crush, I don’t wanna crush, I wanna make love
Next time we talk, I don’t wanna just talk, I wanna trust”

Yeah, crush isn’t what it actually says but self-censorship for the Facebook monitors…

I don’t even want to get started on The Weeknd… Seriously. Anything under a thousand words is disrespectful and I’m trying to pitch my book and not praise him so I’m going to shut up and just say listen to every word the man has to sing.

Then there’s Tyga’s Make it Nasty, which is great both for it’s narrative structure and eclectic rhyme scheme back by them sick instruments and explicit video that makes it a classic a ratchet anthem.

Jeremih’s Down on Me, why should I say anything when you can watch?

The list goes on…

Anyway, enough trying to contextualize the work to the unaware reader as to the scope and span of this project inspired by the title. Here’s the list of the twenty poems that I wrote. They got no beats and no sonnet’s perfect – but I’m happy enough with what I made that I’m willing to share it with you. Oh, and if you’re wondering how I came up with such creative titles, prepare to be disappointed as most of them are from profile descriptions of prepagos.

Here’s a taste.

Songs for a Goddess 


  1. Complacent – Complaciante
  2. Unforgettable – Inovidable
  3. Boyfriend Experience – Trato de Novio
  4. I Can Give You All of Your Fantasies – Puedo Cumplir Todas Tus Fantasias
  5. Dirty Little Doll and a Ball of Maddness – Muñequita Delgada y Colita de Locura
  6. Sweet and Tender – Dulce y Tierna
  7. Please Every One of Your Desires – Complacer Cada Uno de Tus Deseos
  8. Coquetry – Coquetiar
  9. Love (in the Key of Trap Latino) – Amor (en the llave de Trap Latino)
  10. Lil Sloth Princess – Princessita Perezoso
  11. Flower in the Crack – Flor en la grieta
  12. Wet – Mojada
  13. Spectacular Company – Compañía Spectacular
  14. Staff of Hermes – Baston de Hermes
  15. Screams of Pleasure – Gritos de Placer
  16. Nothing Vulgar and Very Discreet – Nada Vulgar y Muy Discreta
  17. Paisa Flavor – El Sabor Paisa
  18. There are no limits, let imagination run wild with me – No hay límites, deja volar la imaginación con me.
  19. Oral Natural – Oral Natural
  20. What’s your location? – Donde es su ubicación?

Two Sample Poems, One in English one in Spanish:

I Can Give You All Of Your Fantasies

As rivers lose name and shape in the sea
So too I, lost in the grip of her love
Cara, cuerpo, cuca, each alone enough,
To unmoor me from reality’s quay.
Like the prize held in the hives of bees,
From diffent places we come and yet such
Intensity makes me unable to judge
What’s other, what’s unique, what’s her, what’s me.
The rhythm of hips and honeyed lips,
An engine headed to oblivion;
Though the light slips to full eclipse
Moments after the dance is done.
Still the sun’s colors still flow through my veins,
And when meditating I still feel it’s remains.



Love in the Key of Trap Latino

We hav’n met n yet I’m hr amor
Hr bb, hr heaven, hr King, hr knight –
Sweet pet names, bu’ droppin pretenses I’m
Mos’ contented as Director & Actor.
Arrivin’n costume n make up t’th 9s
She a ten n Im tryn not to jump gun
Playn Trap Cartel beats shes shakng n
Bringng me peace makng me feel – Life Fine.
What Arcangel, Ozuna and Aanuel
Ache for s’th experience she gave me –
N now when I hear those sensual beats
Like they I wan’ to repeat it. Yeah! All!
I want her to repeat those rhythmic movements,
I want us to repeat those sweet moments.


The print edition will also contain 10 never to be placed online photos. Seriously, I’m making you sign and deliver documentation before I’ll actually ship. Are they actually taboo or is this just a marketing ploy to pique your interest. Only one way to find out…

Oh and this picture here. This is not one of those photos – just the workbook/journal that many of the poems were first formed in and a thematic tie in to the project in general.


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