Remote Viewing My Definite Office in Thailand

So this is Content Castle, where I’d be teaching the format of content marketing I specialize in.

Here’s where I’ll be developing the workshops that I’ll be teaching on the digital humanities, creative writing and marketing.

I’m not going to link to all the team there I’ve already cyber-stalked and feel like I know somewhat, but suffice it to say I think we’re going to get along great.

I’m also, literally, across the street from the beach.

My days will definitely start day with sun salutations there watching the sun rise, and I’ll probably be working from there as well.

Where I’d be staying is on site.

It’s really beautiful inside and near by are a lot of parks and temples.

Click to tour the area

Ko Samui is also near Ko Pha Ngan.

Home of the famous Full Moon Party.

Here’s what the Full Moon Party’s will be like at night.

Here’s what they are like during the day.

There’s a lot more of those types of photos here.

Looking around on the Google map I found the best for recovering from hangovers.

As sensational as all this looks, truth is I’m not much of the partying type so I’ll be doing less of that and more of this, deepening and widening my Vedic practice.

Which is great, as theres lots of  beautiful temples, old and new, on the island.

This one is new and is called, no surprise, Big Buddha.

Wat Play Lahm Temple Complex

And then there’s voyaging around the nearby parks and waterfalls!

Definitely be doing lots of meditation and yoga practices on the beaches near my home/office.

And of course taking photos of me engaged in these activities.


Well because as Patanjali writes thus in the Ten Principal Upanishads:

“If you don’t have a photo of you doing scorpion pose with a beach sunset background behind you, can you really answer the question, “Do you even yoga, bro?”  with an affirmative? No, you cannot.”

Seriously though, I’m super excited just wished I was going to a place where my English and Spanish would be more useful.

Adapting culturally will be no problem, it’s what we Wandering Jews do.

All of the above, of course, is just the destination. Then there’s the journey getting there before before.

I’ll spending some time travel in Bangkok before…

and accept this challenge.

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