Remote Viewing My Maybe Office in Quito

Heres Where my Staging Ground Would Be If I Got the Job for TeleSur English!

Nice view of an adjacent Park from my office!

Click me to See in 3D

Birds Eye View of TeleSur English is pretty cool. It’s right by this beautiful park.

I’ll have lunch then walk around.

Click to see more!

Or I’ll walk and then have lunch, cause I do have a taste for Ecuadorian food. One of my nanny’s growing up was one and she’d make Llapingacho, when they have at the street cafes nearby so def will be eating lots of this.Image result for Llapingacho

This whole area is in central Quito.

This is just a photo of a park in Southern Quito, Panecillo Hill, that pops up.  I want to hang out at at night and feel connected with the Angels 😀Image result for ecuador quito

Just another view with a volcano doing is’t thing in the background. NBD.

Image result for ecuador quito

Them colors, right?

Image result for ecuador quito

I like being around mountains, they make me happy.

Image result for ecuador quito

Look at all the cute lil towns around there to explore!


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