Policy Blogs

While Education Director for NYU’s Roosevelt Institute Chapter I published several blogs on educational issues:

Rationalizing Lesson Planning
Teaching Students to be Successful
Why Performance Pay Grading is Flawed
Public Option for School Textbooks
Incorportating On-line and Video Learning into Secondary Education Curriculum

Guest Blogging

Developing Patience by Practicing Perspective

Digital Media

The content that I made for GPS-My-City is a 18-stop GPS tour map with a history of each location in text and voice recording. There are two available for download, one for Barcelona, Spain with information on the sites historically relevant to the Spanish Civil War and another for New York City, New York with information on sites historically relevant to labor and gay rights struggles.

In order to purchase it, first download the GPS-My-City App from the iTunes AppStore. Then search for the Barcelona Civil War tour from the in-app catalog.

Social Media

As someone that’s travelled extensively and lived in several cities, I feel greater affinity with TripAdvisor than I do Yelp. Here are my reviews.


Lady Liberté
On First Looking into Hollywood’s Homer
Sarajevo Thornbush