Scientific deduction dictate
that connect the dot data can
determine only a degree
of ones naivety.

They say
the idea of forecasting the future
and degrees of human features
by fusing formulas
and stellar creatures
is absolute lunacy.

When I am around others
or alone
underneath the skirt of night
or at home
and I feel the convection currents of my heart
receiving signals in Morse code
that the stars are sending to me,
messages of truth,
and now the words
to this very piece of poetry,
I laugh at science and its absurdity.

I’ve voyaged to Pluto’s rings
in a sail boat
which rode on solar winds
to converse with constellation characters
about the magic of mystery.
They told me
“The future is visible
and malleable
to those that find truth
in what they see.”

One day we’ll sleep among those stars
and revolve around
one another’s gravity.

So they said to me,
so I believe.