Underneath the glowing night sky of my room I felt the
First flicker in the chatter of my teeth and the tremors in my hands.
The fan, glowing from stick on stars, mesmerized and made my eyes
Break open like a baby bird trying to get a glimpse of
Something that instinct whispered was outside of its shell.

Here, there were no moons just suns
And sounds of slumber tinged breathing
Here, there was no me or my, or you and yours just
Us and ours and we were who the moment belonged to.

We held it in our hands and wouldn’t let go
Like the night when we first fully embraced
And woke up still in each others arms and faced
Each other with innocent smiles a couple of miles
Longer than long.

Every second was sacred and even father time wouldn’t
Just seem to not mind my always bringing you back
Ten minutes past curfew, instead what did he do but have a
Big grin on his face when we waltzed into your place
Dancing to tangible dream rhythms at 10:10p.m.

Back then the concept and action of blinking
Wasn’t desired on any level of conscious thinking because
I wished for not even one moment to go unseen between us as
I didn’t want to feel a fraction of this fever that flowed through
My blood like a forest-fire shut off simply because my eyes needed moisture.

But, somewhere on the timeline of the evolution of our language
We stopped developing and devolved into two foreigners
Who could no longer understand what one another was saying
Outside of simple hand gestures like fuck you and peace, and I’m out of here.

I’ve gotten free of that shell but still my world sits in tiny pieces
On the floor getting stepped on creating a cacophony in my mind
So loud that the rumble shakes the earth around me making everyone stumble
In their steps trying to get to me to tell me that it’s all right, it’s all right
All you have to do is calm down and wait. And I say, “Wait? For what?”

“What should I wait for? Don’t you know that time erodes everything
And given enough of it we can watch the sun slip out of existence
As even its lengthy life is determined by a humongous hourglass.
I can’t just sit on my ass and letting things happen without me,
Extrinsic influences are the basis of changing every thing,
And if I can’t change the entire world I can at least mutate my own.”

So now the cycle of chaos is in it’s second stage and
I’ve evolved my environment and myself with it, but
Now I’m a mere fish trapped on your boat desperately mouthing for air.
It’s not that I fear being here, near you, if anything it’s the opposite,
But the hooks buried in my heart are tearing me apart
Like a feeding frenzy amongst starved sharks

The clock that used to smile now transmits tidings from hell
And I know it says only 11:34 but it still makes me feel ill
Like I’ve drinking too much of something highly inebriating
That also turns my thinkings hue to a shade of moonless night sky blue.

What future possibilities for us are present I don’t know
Because what was once a desert
Has turned into a tropical Amazon rainforest
And the water that keeps flowing out like a burst dam is blurring my vision
So I can see about as clearly as your ability to understand me
If I was to start speaking Aramaic with a German accent.

Paramount phrases were phased out of our foreign translations
Like licorice out the diet of a newly diagnosed diabetic
And the sacred hymns we hummed and hung out to dry
Underneath a midsummer Finnish sky were forgotten.

Maybe one day we can study the genesis of our etymology
Rebuilding an even more immense vocabulary up from the start
And then blow away the Earth with just one of our sparks,
A melding of our arts, the rejoining of our hearts.