One of the biggest business blunders is weighing down marketing materials with sloppy, choppy copy. Hire me and you will be buying refined writing that best represents your company.

I know how to use language to craft a compelling sales message that captivates your target audience and motivates them to take action by appealing to their core beliefs, attitudes and values.

I offer reliable, responsive and timely copywriting services. Tight deadlines are not a problem! You can leave critical projects in my hands knowing you’ll receive a quality piece of writing exactly when you need it.

My copywriting methodology starts with understanding or helping to formulate your brand and the task at hand. I will research your industry, identifying the overall project goals.

For online publications, your copy will be invested with keyword research that will assist in search engine results by using Google Insight. Additionally, by pulling top hitting terms from news feeds, I will create copy that is current and also attracts those with peripheral interest.

As every client project is different from the next, I take the time to understand and document exactly your deliverables. And whether you are looking for press releases, white papers, SEO content, website copywriting or blogging services; I have the expertise and capacity to handle any size project or task.

For a quote tell me about your project by contacting me and include the length and scope of the project. I typically charge $75 an hour for articles, brochures, press releases, other ghostwritten projects, however a flat fee or discounted rate may be arranged for major projects.