Online Presence Management

Several years ago it was possible for a business or individual to hire a part-time employee to bid daily for top ranking on one or several online search engines and gain a positive return on investment. The time of a simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) protocol are over. The proliferation of businesses that have created an online presence, the number of social media websites and user-generated specialty content hubs means that individuals and companies seeking to gain more exposure can no longer rely on such an approach to work.

Internet Presence Management (IPM) is one of several names currently used to describe the person that takes these new mediums into account and helps manage and market a business. While concerned with a company’s presence on the internet, internet presence managers are not website designers or support staff. They are concerned primarily with creating the most efficient means of formulating messages and reaching target markets for a company and enacting strategies to manage a positive online reputation.

In addition to writing, editing, and proofreading site content and traditional Search Engine Optimization plans, I will:

Develop and manage your online reputation.
Develop response forms to assist the harvesting feedback from customers as to how services or goods can be improved.
Execute site promotions, SEO campaigns, social media campaigns.
Coordinate any blogs, tweets, or other messages.
Update new materials when there are new developments.
Support in executing email newsletters and outreach campaigns.
Liase with the technical, business development and marketing departments.
Help formalize and standardize customer responses.