Spanish/English Translation

Miguel de Cervantes once complained that reading a work of literature in translation was “like looking at the Flanders tapestries from behind: you can see the basic shapes but they are so filled with threads that you cannot fathom their original lustre.” The problem of translation, however, is not restricted to ethereal realm of world literature but also finds root in the banalities of the daily business interactions. Having grown up in the greater Miami area, I know the benefits that can accrue to a business that is able to concisely present itself to speakers of multiple languages as in many parts of the city, Spanish is the only language spoken.

Internet and printed translations of a businesses goods and services removes the difficult barrier of a customer and employee not sharing fluency in the same language. By removing this purchasing barrier, it not only saves time spent by each party trying to determine appropriate words to communicate their desires but also prevents incorrect purchases by ensuring that each party is able to precisely obtain what they desire.

Whether you want a small project, such as menu and food descriptions for your restaurant or something larger, be it online help, training materials, knowledge bases, newsletters, manuals, support cases, marketing collateral, user interfaces or an entire website – all are possible.

While not yet a fluent Spanish speaker myself, when you purchase a particular translation project from Spanish into English, you will get both my mastery of linguistic nuance and communication and the Spanish fluency of my wife Josselyn, who was born and educated in Colombia. While a husband and wife translation team may seem unusual, it is by no means unique. Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky are one such team that have achieved much of acclaim for their translation.

Our translation service is far preferable to Google translate, which cannot translate idiomatic expressions, corrupts grammatical structures, does not always obtain the correct definition of a word in a given context, does not allow you stylistic control, has difficulty correctly structuring complex sentences and the passive voice, has no way of translating slang and neologisms and often mistranslates metaphors.

Additionally, hiring us is preferable to rule-based machine translation software such as Language Weaver as our model of language analysis, source language transfer and generative composition is much cheaper and allows for an interactive rather than one-way dynamic.

In order to obtain a quote on your desired translation job, please email me.