A small investment in education and readiness can have a huge impact on the future of you or your child’s life. The difference of a few points on an entrance examination or an odd turn of phrase in an entrance essay can mean the difference between your child or someone you care about being accepted into a top-tier school, where they will be able to socialize and network with the managers, CEO’s and leaders of the future while getting a high quality education, and their being forced to attend a second-tier school populated with less driven people.

I am available to work with high school and undergraduate college students that would like to improve their understanding of English, Philosophy, Social Studies, History or Economics as well as their grades. I also am available for SAT, ACT and GRE test prep and coaching the crafting of college admissions essays. I am available for work in person in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami regions and am also available for Skype sessions.

Hourly charges for such services typically run from $100 to $150 an hour, depending on the service and what length of employ. To make arrangement please contact me with pertinent details.