Some Paintings I've Loved…

I’ve been to so many art museums the past few months that to write with the same amount of depth about all the pieces that I’ve loved as I have for some of others would require more time than there are hours in the day. Despite this – I wanted to share some of the works that I’d written down on my iPhone whilst perambulating the galleries, in no particular order.

Ramon Casas – Garrote

Jose Gutierez Solana – Procession of Death

Francis Picabia – The Spanish revolution

Tatiana Glebova – Prison

Ben Shahn – French workers

Otto Muller – Two Female nudes in a landscape

Gustave Moreau – Galathea, The Voices

Casper David Freidrich – Easter Morning

John Singer Sargent – Venetian Onion Seller

Aert van der Neer – Moonlight Landscape with a Road Beside a Canal

Juan de Flandes – The Lamentation

Bramantino – The Resurrected Christ

Alvise Vivarini – Saint John the Baptist

Hans Baldung Grien – Adam and Eve

Tiziano – St. Jerome in the Wilderness

Jusepe de Ribera – The Penitent St. Jerome

Claude Joseph Vernet – Night

Ignacio Zuloaga – Portrait of the Countess Mathieu de Noailles, Christ of Blood

Julio Remero de Torres – Venus of Poetry

Hermen Anglada Camarasa – Nude Under the Climbing Vine

Valentin Serov – Portrait of the Artist issak levitan

Alfonso Sanchez Garcia – Repression of the Revolutionary General Strike

Angeles Santos Torroella – A World

Jose Renau – Shedding her Outer Layer of Superstition and Misery, from the Immorial Slave There Emerged THE WOMAN capable of Active Participation in the Making of the Future

Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa – Portrait of Sonia de Klamery, Countess of Pradere

Vladimir Mako – Sky

Francois Boucher – The Triumph of Venus

Cy Twobly – Thermopyae

El Greco

Anselmo Guinea

Gustave Courbet