Beauty born of blood roses tulips and posies
Rings joy in the minds of those receiving
Eventually though time taxes it and life is
Abated until the flora dies grieving
The amazement in the stars that light the
Heavens is found in all able to see though
Lights that lovers now languish in may be
Empty black bodies that are long deceased
Some things come and go as fast as ocean tides
Some things reach us only after they’ve died

Beauty like yours effects six senses so a steady
Rhythm resonates inside my chest
Eroded not by time but to the contrary you
Appreciate infinitely behind my breast
Through memory and the words I
Have written Infinity will share her soft caress
Lasting until the final exhalation this
Emblem will eternalize your breathlessness
Sometimes when I see you I forget to breath and
So many times I’ve almost fallen down upon my knees.